Exactly the right quantity of product in every container!



Maximum precision. That is what our automatic net weight fillers are all about. Our KF Series is designed to reduce filling error to less than 1 gram per litre of product.

KF fillers are available as stand-alone units and in monoblock units complete with a capper - also designed and made by KTF Engineering. The key characteristic of KF net weight fillers is the slight overpressure that is maintained inside the tank. This allows us to reduce the overall dimensions of the machine and increase filling speed too. Because the bottles never come into direct contact with the nozzles, KF fillers can work with bottles and containers of all shapes, sizes and materials.

All KTF Engineering machines are fitted with an infeed screw powered by a brushless servomotor and with an automatic homing and feed control system. Format changes can therefore be completed rapidly and without tools. Our fillers can also be equipped with a low vacuum system to ensure constant, high filling speeds and minimum foaming. 
KTF net weight fillers can be equipped with between 8 and 60 nozzles to cover production speeds of up to 18,000 b/h.

The main benefits of KTF Engineering fillers

  • Automatic C.I.P. system
    For constant accuracy and optimised cleaning cycle times
  • Double opening or double filling valve
    For high-precision filling and a 15% reduction in filling times
  • PVS air treatment system
    For an optimised filling process
  • Anti-foam valve
    For preventing foaming in the valve and in bottle
  • ROOF tilted table technology
    For easy drainage of product and CIP cleaning liquid into the collection channel, leaving the base clean
  • Electronic weighing system with commercial components
    For easy sourcing of spare parts
  • Multi-push bottle rejection system
    For precision bottle rejection without spillages


The KF-AC Series of net weight fillers is designed for use in the chemical industry and especially in medical and surgical applications involving highly corrosive products. KF-AC fillers maintain all the key features of the standard KF Series. Because they are made using the latest technology and incorporate tanks made from advanced materials like titanium and Halar coatings, KF-AC fillers are capable of working with a vast range of liquids.

A cap for every bottle!

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KTP cappers can be supplied as stand-alone units for use with existing filling machines or in monoblock units complete with a filler. KTP Series cappers come with active or passive grippers for screw caps, pressure caps in plastic or pre-threaded aluminium, and for triggers, dosers and pumps. Both gripper types permit automatic positioning, application and head alignment..


KTF Engineering is rightly proud of the KTP-EL Series of electronic cappers. These machines come with brushless motors for cap marking location and can orient caps accurately with respect to the bottles. KTP-EL cappers can work with various ranges of caps.